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Plant Services

At SGS we offer plant machinery services to suit our customer’s needs. We believe that as a hirer you don’t just need a piece of machinery but you also need a driver as without someone who knows the machines capabilities and with years of experience then your job could take a lot longer to complete and thus cost you more money. It is for that reason that all our machinery comes with highly trained and qualified operators. All plant comes at competitive prices and long-term hire arrangements can be made. We also offer a free onsite assessment at no additional charge to determine what size machines and attachments are needed to complete your job in minimal time to reduce your costs.

Machinery catalogue


SGS offer telehandlers that can be used on or off road and for many different projects. These machines are very versatile and can be attached to many of our different attachments from man baskets which are ideal for completing work at height safely. They can lift up to 4.1 tonnes and to a height of 7 meters. Other applications for this machine can consist of loading and unloading, material handling, road sweeping and general support of other machinery.

180 Backhoe-

SGS offers a range of 180 backhoe diggers. These machines are very versatile with a front 4 in 1 bucket and pallet forks ideal for loading and unloading materials it also has rear digging abilities which are great for digging and levelling. These machines are ideal for site works, clearing and levelling and when used with our highly trained and skilled operators make short work of any job.

Tracked 360-

SGS offer large tracked machines from 7-20 tonne machines. These machines are ideal for site levelling and excavating. These machines are a specialist machines and therefor our operators are trained to a high standard and to industry levels. All these machines are fitted with the industry standard secure quick-hitches to which numerous attachments can be fitted to.

Mini Digger-

SGS offer a range of mini diggers for hire ranging from 1-7 tonnes. These machines are ideal for small sites where accessibility is a problem. All these machines are fitted with the industry standard secure quick-hitches to which numerous attachments can be fitted. 


SGS offer a diverse range of attachments for all of it 360 and 180 machines to meet our customers’ needs. These range from your standard bucket set and grabs through to breakers and borers.


SGS offer a range of tractors and in various sizes to meet your needs.

Dump Trailers-

SGS offer a range of dump trailers which are a great tool to transport material around a site and are available in different sizes depending on you needs.


SGS have a range of dumpers to suit our cstomers needs ranging from 1 tonne to 8 tonne machines. Larger articulated dumpers can be available if required. 

Water Pumps-

SGS have a range of water pumps from 2 inch to 6 inch as well as a range of hosing to aid any pumping problem.

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