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Here at SGS we also offer a construction/ground works element that can aid your company in many ways depending on your needs. We have over 20 years of experience in this industry and have dealt with many jobs from embankment construction to lagoon cleaning/maintenance to soil reclamation and ground maintenance. All our machine operatives and ground staff are trained to a high standard and to industry standards as is the equipment they use.

Recent Projects

Here we can see one of our off road water takers that has recently been extinguishing a fire that is smouldering in the wall of a lagoon at Seven Trent water works. The tanker is being used here to deliver water to our slow release gravity fed ground penetrating (GFGP) probes (see picture below). The GFGPs can be regulated deliver water directly to the heart of the fire and therefore prevent soil wash off and bank collapses. For more information please visit our Plant Services page.

Here we can see the GFGPs slowely releasing water into the bank. The GFGPs are ideal for other fires such as land fill fires.

Here we can see another one of our off road water tankers. Here it is being used in a dust suppression role where by it is applying water to an area where dust is a problem in order to make the area a safe place to work. In this picture you can see the water cannon in use which can precisely deliver water to a specific area i.e. landfill sites, road construction, construction sites and alongside stone crushing machinery. For more information please visit our Plant Services page.

The telehandler here was being used on a site for Seven Trent where we were clearing a roadway of trees and brash. The telehandler was used in conjunction with our other plant machinery on site to remove large trees and transport them and other materials back to a secure compound. This machine is very versatile and can be used in many other areas such as man baskets for access both on and off road, for attaching bucket brush to clean roadways and lagoon tanks and general loading and unloading. For more information on this product go to our Plant Services page.

Here we have one of our mini diggers using a grapple to clear and load a trailer with logs and brash that was cleared in a recent project for Seven Trent. This machine was ideal in this situation because of its size and weight having a limited effect on soil compaction and flora damage. More information on our range of mini diggers and digger attachments can be found on the Plant Services page.

Here we have our new spring tines with air seeder currently on hire to The Royal Show Ground at Stoneleigh. It is being used to repair ground that has been excavated during the Plantworx show and to repair and reseed grassland that has been damaged by car park traffic. This piece of equipment can be used for many other roles from general grass maintenance to soil stabilisation. For more information visit our Plant Services page.

Here we have our 13 tonne 360 tracked digger levelling a site for FCC Environment. The site was being levelled and prepared ready to be reinstated as grassland.  The grass seed was applied using our Einbock Pnumatic Seeder.   This machine is ideal for this project because it is large enough to cover a lot of ground yet not too heavy to do damage to the ground that it is working on. For more information on our larger 360 machines and attachments please visit our Plant Services page.

Here we have our tractors and manure spreaders working on a specialised project spreading compost at various locations for FCC Environment. These machines can spread large amounts of material in a day and due to their design have minimal impact on the ground that they run on. Here at SGS we consider ourselves as specialists when it comes to spreading and as well as compost we also work for P A Wright spreading sewage sludge cake and mushroom compost, all of which have to be spread to a very tight specification and to a high standard. SGS also supply the loading machines for this operation and depending on terrain which range from our telehandler to our 360 machines and loading shovels.

Here we can see an on-going contract of 10 years that we have with The Royal Agricultural Society of England at Stoneleigh. We currently do all of the parks hedge cutting and roadside flailing. We also do hedge cutting and flailing for local authorities within our region. We have a number of different sized machines to suit different needs with machines reaching up to 7 meters. For more information on our hedge cutting and flailing machines please visit our Plant Services page.

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